Chapter Officers and Other Contacts

Chapter Officers and Other Contacts

All area codes are 757 unless noted otherwise

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Musical Director
Assistant Musical Directors 420-0464

2017 Chapter Officers
Email the entire Board of Directors:
President 450-0269
VP Chapter Development 427-6500
VP Music & Performance 803-509-0200
VP Public Relations & Marketing 588-1980
Secretary 484-0403
Treasurer 479-1979
Member-at-large Vacant  
Immediate Past President 675-4162

Appointed Committee Chairpersons & Others
Show Chairman 803-509-0200
Chorus Manager Vacant  
M-AD Delegate 484-0403
Music Librarian 479-1979
Singing Valentines Chairman Vacant  
Webmaster 675-4162

Section Leaders
Email All Section Leaders:
Tenor 803-479-9847
Lead 803-479-9847
Baritone 803-809-0200
Bass 420-0464

Music Team
The Chapter's music team consists of the VP Music & Performance, the Directors, the Section Leaders, the Music Librarian, and others selected by the VP Music & Performance.
Email for the Music Team should be addressed to:

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