Our Quartets

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Tenor: Bill Byrd
Lead: Dave Bennett
Baritone: Dave Haines
Bass: Doug Price

(757) 391-0308



Tenor: Dick DeLuca
Lead: Pat Patrick
Baritone: Dave Watts
Bass: Van White

(757) Luv-Song (588-7664)


Four Karat Gold

Tenor: Van Johnson
Lead: WD Bankart
Baritone: Ron Soreil
Bass: Joe Martin

(252) 333-0798



Tenor: Dan Lilly
Lead: Jim Byrd
Baritone: Jim Loadwick
Bass: Red Mann

(757) 484-0403


The Blenders

Tenor: Jim Eads
Lead: Rawleigh Clary
Baritone: Bob Rack
Bass: Dean Hatheway

Contact: Dean Hatheway
(757) 716-2458

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